BedHead Bedding Co.

BedHead: The Bedding Company

The BedHead Bedding Company sells fully customizable mattresses and bedsheets. Anything from the thread count to the option of springs in your mattress, to the lamp you put next to your bed, BedHead has you covered. These options are chosen by the customer, allowing for the cost of each addition to be adjusted, to save the customer some cash. Perfect for kids wanting Elsa on their comforter, to the student settling into a dorm, wanting their first set of “adult” bed sheets, to the artist who wants to see their work, first thing in the morning.

Can’t afford a certain detail? BedHead’s layaway option allows you to pay it off, as the pieces are manufactured by BedHead itself. From the manufacturing, to the sale, to your home, BedHead takes care of it all! They’ll even dispose of your old mattress, for free! They are (unfortunately) a fictional company.

Included in the project was a website, Dorm Guide Publication and Storefront Kiosk Experience.

Responsive Web Page

BedHead Dorm Guide Publication

This guide would be handed out during move-in days at dorms across the nation. Dorm beds are notoriously terrible, and BedHead’s prices are perfect for kids just starting school, and in need of a cheap bed. Images, Ads and Layout made from scratch, keeping in mind BedHead’s branding.


Kiosk Experience

To be used in front section of BedHead stores, giving customers a print out to take to associates in-store, who select items in a larger second section of the store. Think O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, meets Bedding store.



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