Hello, from the middle of the map!

I’m a graphic designer from Eudora, a small town in the heart of Jayhawk country. I work at GCSAA in Lawrence, KS, where I focus on various design and marketing projects while fueling my creativity with coffee. As a designer in the industry for 5 years, I enjoy helping local businesses establish their identities.

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Knowing how to use all the best current technologies, applications, and tools in the modern age is almost essential for designers. It gives us a way to challenge our knowledge of design and apply traditional methods to new mediums. Personally, I like to mix it up. Whether your business needs a website, social media graphics, video editing, animation, I can do it.


I’m proud of my hometown. Eudora and Lawrence have a lot of shared history ranging back for hundreds of years, and this history makes me want to do better for my community. Are you part of a nonprofit and need graphics? Give me a call!