This project is a result of a coworker convincing me to try out Homebrewing. Originally I was skeptical, but it’s a pretty addictive hobby! I welcome all critiques from anyone that has tried a brew of mine.

Each new brew is a great opportunity for a packaging and branding project, so check back soon for updates!


Black Cat Brewing: American Wheat

Brewed, bottled, and then handed out as a parting gift to booth visitors at JCCC’s Graduate Showcase, Layered along with a complimentary coaster. This refreshing brew ended up with a nice caramel-y finish.

The story behind Black Cat Brewing is based on the interesting cross in lore between beer, witches, and the true rulers of humanity: cats. A great resource to educate yourself further on this matter can be found here, one I would highly recommend! This one goes out to my black cat, who is the face of Black Cat Brewing, Arya.

One nice part about homebrewing: it’s pretty low-maintenance. Once you’re past brew-day, you get to sit back and wait. While this is sometimes painful, once you get the liquid transferred to the bottle, you have to wait just a bit longer before you can actually drink it. Carbonation is an experience that I decided to share with the audience, as I found that the anticipation might make homebrew taste even better.

Homebrewing results in a very fresh beer. One that can taste better than some store-bought brews. I can’t thank everyone enough for the feedback.  -Ty


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